Monday, May 26

The Daisy Riots

You don't have to tell Shout and Twist that The Libertines parted company all of four years ago, and that alleged Pete and Carl stalkers such as The View or even Look See Proof are about as exciting as boycotting hours of Football Manager play in the midst of one's school studies, i.e. Not very. But sometimes when you least expect it to prance right in front of your very face for a good half hour, like so with The Daisy Riots couple weeks back at the Carling Academy 2, such utter energy, body sweat and meaningful chords that come off akin to a clean Cribs dancing to the first two Stereophonics records, are actually kinda cool. TDR seemed to pull their guts out to things like 'Natalie' and 'Girls Don't Play Lego', both of which possess a good old healthy sense of pop via Scouse mentality. Well, Southport mentality anyway.
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