Thursday, May 8

Gideon Conn

Post-‘Little Britain’ Life Lesson #1: What at first appears funny and refreshing can after time become dull and predictable. This is exactly the kind of ethic that can be applied to Gideon Conn, Manchester’s very own hip-hopping/jazz-enthused/folk humourist. The name-embroidered cap and tee, the impulsive acapellas, the spaced out number which wittingly bangs on about the future though ends up emerging like Foals on a daytrip to Tennessee. It is, at the outset, a good bit of rightful fun, but half-hour later of his arrival at Carling Academy last week and the novelty of trying to figure out whether it was all just a big joke couldn't help but worn off. Still, a better prospect to herald his city than Liam Fray no less.
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