Tuesday, May 13

Viva la Vida: Coldplay Are On Their Way Back To Liverpool

The first time Coldplay played Liverpool, I think, was on October 27 1999 at the Royal Court. Then it was some place called The Lomax co-headlining with Terris on March 23 2000. On May 30 they supported Muse at another place I've never heard of, L2. Then they went back to the Royal Court on October 6 as part of the 'Parachutes' tour. Then, in 2002, on June 20 they supported Richard Hawley at yet another place I've never heard of, Mountford Hall. So, though they spent much time here recording their first two albums at Parr St Studios, and even some of 'X&Y' I believe, Chris Martin and co are finally coming back to Liverpool to play the Echo Arena on December 10.

Now, they are by far my most favourite band in the whole wide world and will be so for the rest of my life. I love Coldplay more than any other, and have the upmost geeky knowledge to prove it. Therefore, the fact that they are finally returning to this city is, well, amazing. That other place in England's northwest (which I'm sure they'll be playing as well) have the upper hand when it comes to supermassive bands and touring, but this just goes to show Liverpool still has some say in the minds of supermassive gig promoters.

The headline on the Liverpool Echo site read, 'Coldplay at Christmas coup for Echo Arena'. A coup is exactly what this is.

Viva la Vida
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