Monday, June 23

Fighting With Wire

Somewhat luckily for those scattered around Barfly a month or so ago, Tom Smith hadn't let himself go, and Peter Hook wasn't losing badly at Twister. It was however the bassist from Fighting With Wire making up one third of Northern Ireland’s finest export since Ash started stalking Noel Gallagher. FWW have been going at the whole alt.punk.rock thing for a good while, only now they’ve seemed to of pushed the same button Biffy did four albums in. You know, the one that says ‘Daytime Radio Friendly’ on it. Nevertheless, these are still only on their debut, and by means of singer Cahir O’Doherty’s semi-Zack de la Rocha, semi-Andy Falkous yelps over utterly scathing warped blasts which one cannot help but shift to, they came off pretty darn rousing. Chucking the single out there halfway through, ‘Everyone Needs A Nemesis’ is a tune and a half, prancing in the mould of Fugazi running as fast as they can away from Dave Grohl. Of course it was by far the most entrancing in their set, though ‘Strength In Numbers’ and ‘Sugar’ didn't half come close. Time was left for frighteningly butch drummer Craig McKean to go off on a beat-tangent, all before O’Doherty found himself trying to workout the meaning of the many Scouse mumblings thrown in his direction. These'll be massive.
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