Sunday, June 1

May - Album Of Last Month

Le Sac Vs. Pip came close, Santogold impressed me, and The Futureheads even managed to win back my heart. Still, aside from the rarity of last month, there can only be one Album Of Last Month...

Death Cab For Cutie - Narrow Stairs - Atlantic
Death Cab are one of those bands I get annoyed with reviewers by, when reading badly researched album reviews or interviews or whatever. Not that I know absolutely everything about this lot. In fact I fell in love with them post-Transatlanticism, but I have for sure cherished every one of their albums and every of Ben Gibbard's sincere mumblings. His soothing voice evokes a sense warmth and safety I don't get from any other. This, their seventh album, is brilliant. 'Transatlanticism' is one of the greatest albums ever made, and therefore was a moment they'll most probably never surpass. Whereas 'Plans' seemed too concerned with just-for-the-hell-of-it samples which ended up backfiring, this lays bear a simpler, more natural Death Cab, and comes off magically. Their art of beginning an album via a big, brash masterpiece is proven once more with 'Bixby Canyon Bridge', though I could take or leave the eight-minute 'I Will Possess Your Heart', otherwise the lead single. 'Talking Bird' could well be an early Weezer effort, or even a late one if you've been following the words of Rivers Cuomo lately. Nonetheless, 'Grapevine Fears' and 'Your New Twin Sized Bed' will make us real men cry, though my complete and utter favourite is 'The Ice Is Getting Thinner', when Gibbard's heartfelt resoundings traverse above entirely sweet strings. A superb return, as well as a relief.
The Ice Is Getting Thiner