Saturday, July 19

Caifornia Waiting

Sorry for the lack of updates, only I've been exploring the wondrous state of California for the last three weeks. I did however manage to catch Coldplay at The Forum in Los Angeles...

Coldplay - The Forum, Los Angeles - 14/7/08
For tonight Chris Martin is not the most self-deprecating man in soft rock. On the opening date of a tour that will no doubt still be in motion eighteen months from now, he swaggers onstage as buoyant as a Disneyland-bound Paris Hilton high on Coca-Cola Zero. “It’s great to be back in our home from home,” beams Martin in the midst of set-opener ‘Violet Hill’, which followed by a sped-up electro version of ‘God Put A Smile Upon Your Face’ and drummer Will Champion successfully testing his own vocal skills on non-album track ‘Death Will Never Conquer’, are the absolute novelty points. Back again tomorrow, though stadiums next surely.