Thursday, August 14


Maryland. Not only the American state attached to the UK's best selling cookie despite no actual relevance to cookies whatsoever, but also the home of psych-pop trio Celebration. Their trademarker 'Evergreen', or at least the one I got blown away by on 120 Minutes the other day, is excellent. It takes a while to build but once you get there it's like basking in a bath of Oreo's (actually nice cookies) and chocolate milk with ice. Ahhh. Plus because '' was taken, they instead added another 'celebration' to their page link, so it's ''. I like it when bands do that, made evident by Puzzle, of Liverpool-fame, and their Myspace link. Yet I'm going digressing away from my point. Just hit the DL below and you'll see. You'll all see!


Celebration Myspace