Monday, August 4

The First Post Of The Rest Of This Blog's Life: House That Jack Built

I'm now back from my sabbatical exploring the City of Angels after finishing up my studies at university. Which as well as means life itself pretty much starts from here, also marks a fresh approach to Shout And Twist. I'm talking way more posts, loads more mp3s, and even more fine picks from the beautiful spectrum of Scouse pop and beyond. And what better way to kick things off than with by far the most exciting band in Liverpool today...

House That Jack Built
Shimmy back to one of this blog's very first posts (from around April 2007) and you'll come across a write-up I scribbled about a band by the name of Guild Of Defiants. Such came following a storming set I witnessed just a few weeks prior at Korova. Little did I know that despite my blathering about these finding the perfect time to have hit the Mersey, it turned out to be their last ever show. It also turned out that one of the four clean cut chaps is now one of the three in Liverpool's best new band (Elle S'appelle, derrr!). And now few, if not all, of the remaining members of Guild Of Defiants have their very own new band: House That Jack Built. So not only does this fine city know how to think up incredibly top-notch band names, but it's also rather adept in producing incredible indie-pop that at the very least deserves to sweep Rivers Cuomo off his genius feet too. HTJB may only have about five gigs and a few thousand Myspace looks to their name, but already they've seemed to of formed a nicely tight racket of Cribs-crunchy guitars. 'When Skies Are Grey', one of three rather decent tunes found on said Myspace, fumbles around via this rousing line: "You think everyone hates you but the only one that hates you is yourself, go on have a word with yourself..." Go. Click. Love.

When Skies Are Grey

House That Jack Built Myspace