Monday, August 18


This was gonna be a post about School Of Language. But when I was researching I realised they've (or he's) already got an album out. So I figured they're (or he's) already pretty established, only not enough people know about them (or him) yet. So check them (or him) out at some point. But instead I've decided to write about Flobots. Now, from what I can work out they are a six-piece outta Denver obsessed with classical tuneage and Timbaland. Not by any means a bad combo, all of which leads to one of the best darn fine, downright, straight-up, no bullshit tunes of the summer. Correction: of the year. 'Handlebars' has been getting loads of Lowe-love, and it'll only take a matter of seconds in to the track once you've DL'd it below to realise why. There is one catch though, in that you might get a tad sick of it after a week or so. But those instantly love-able thirty-seven plays later annoying-able ones are always the best. Don't hate them cause they're signed to a major. And don't hate them cause they're amazing.


Flobots Myspace