Thursday, August 7

Iglu & Hartly

It's such a boring term to use but there seems to be a bit of a 'Marmite' mood surrounding the current hype of Iglu & Hartly. Riding in the midst of a storm featuring the such as's of MGMT, Amazing Baby and one might even say Santogold to some degree, I&H are according to some other blog I read the other day, hot to the eyes of the industry right now. Their trademarker 'In This City' is a stomping beat of fuzzy-pop so glamourous it could totally be runner up to 'Time To Pretend' as Single Of The Year, and even holds the honour of being my current ringtone. Which not only means I'll be sick of it in a few days, but that it truly is a classic. Plus they look exactly like MGMT. Well two of them do. Another, who I think is one of the singers, looks like Tommy Lee zonked out post-running after David Hasselhoff for getting his girl on Baywatch. Nonetheless, from the one tune I have heard, they've surely got something special in their armour. No embarassment here.

In This City

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