Thursday, August 21

Neon Neon

I don't understand why the rest of planet earth isn't in love with Death Cab For Cutie. But then I am one of their greatly loyal followers, and I'm sure same goes for fans of Welsh posse Super Furry Animals. They're just one those 'cult' bands who rather than appeal to the masses, form their own legion of back-cat obsessives. As one on the outside of the SFA, erm, box, I highly doubt I'll ever feel the need to venture past their Greatest Hits, if that. But like Death Cab, their front man too has a two-piece electro-based side-project. Gruff Rhys and Boom Bip (not his real name) have begun to get quite a bit of attention for their recently Mercury Prize-nominated project, Neon Neon. The pretty darn awesome 'I Lust U' has been getting plays all over the place, and brings a complete freshness to Rhys' persona. Saying that, he did release a pretty decent solo album a couple years ago too. Jesus, that man doesn't half like to get around, eh?

I Lust U

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