Monday, August 25

Red Light Company

These, for some odd reason, were pulled into the same bracket as Interpol and Editors in this week's NME's Reading/Leeds preview. However, if you've actually ever listened to Red Light Company (rather than looked inside their wardrobe), you'll quite speedily notice they've got a whole lot more in company with One Night Only's false-indie than the dark and very much genuine resonance of the aforementioned alleged Ian Curtis-obsessives. At least that's what signature tune (the one that's getting spun to death on TV and radio) 'Meccano' tells me. It crops up a tad like Christmas in the summer, all subtle chimes and rather V-than-Reading/Leeds mega choruses. I'm sure it won't take too long for the snobby media backlash to begin, but then maybe RLC will surprise us with a few actually interesting, angular pop tunes. Or maybe Hull City will actually stay up.


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