Thursday, August 28

Screaming Tea Party

The music industry is crumbling! No one buys records anymore! Kids bunk off P.E. so they can sit at their computer and illegally download lots and lots of albums all day long! Blah, blah, blah. Discount the much haunting fact for one second the music field seems about as enticing as sitting through three minutes of My Family right now, and recall the goodness. For example, Stolen Recordings. They are one of my favourite ever labels. Not only do they hold Pete and the Pirates within their books, but also Let's Wrestle, and now Screaming Tea Party. The latter's name has been flinging about for while, but I've never ventured their way (browsed their Myspace page). Until now. Brand spanking new tune 'Something Disaster' from what I can gather is a tasty treat to come from a forthcoming EP out on Stolen in October. It's basically Dinosaur Jr. very, very stoned on Thurston Moore vinyls with only Conor Oberst by their side to annoy them with constant questions about CBGB's. Aka fucking top dollar. And these, Let's Wrestle and Pete and the Pirates are even playing a whole big show together in Dorset on September 27 as part of some End of the Road festival or something. Now there's a small chance I'll actually be going to this. But you should.

Something Disaster

Screaming Tea Party Myspace
Stolen Recordings