Monday, September 8

The Airborne Toxic Event

Judging only by the band name, one might assume The Airborne Toxic Event to be some doom metal horde who take pleasure from The Britney Breakdown. But they're not, and they probably don't. Much like White Lies and even Glasvegas to some degree, TATE (ooo, just like the art gallery!) are preceding in the stomps of Editors and so - at least deeming from 'Sometime Around Midnight', which not only has 'midnight' in the title but also swells by each post punk'd inflection until it eventually dawdles around in a delirium of anthemia. Red Light Company could only wish they were this good. You'll also more likely to find them wearing black more than any other colour, which says something considering they hail from sunny California. And after doing the whole Conan/Carson circuit around their home country, it's now up to the UK to embrace em. Oh, and their keyboardist went to college with Vampire Weekend. Small world, but an even better one with this lot in it.

Sometime Around Midnight

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