Monday, September 29

Cheeky Cheeky And The Nosebleeds

Band names stand for everything. If Radiohead actually went with their first thought for a title - On A Friday - they might never have made such an impact on our amenable planet. And for Cheeky Cheeky and the Nosebleeds, such a curious moniker could only ever make sense fronting the kind of short-sharp indie-pop this five-piece from Suffolk very much formulate.
“Ali, our drummer, hadn’t ever said a word up until the age of 10 or 11, like literally never learnt to speak,” begins co-singer/guitarist Charlie, the brainiest-looking of the ‘Nosebleeds. “So our parents made us start hanging around with him to make him feel welcome, and after a couple of weeks he just came out with his first ever words, ‘Cheeky cheeky and the nosebleeds’. We just clicked with him after that.” Either this is the best band name story ever or they’re as much fibbing now as One Night Only are to themselves.
Currently cushioned into a long-stretch leather sofa in the upper-most tier of Camden’s tidiest of hangouts, Koko; Ali (drums), Thom (bass), Christian (guitar), Rory (vocals) and Charlie seem to possess a real comradeship to their pack, which could only be after mingling for so long. “We tried to form a super-team at first. Like Tony Blair on guitar, Mo Mowlam on drums cause we thought Moe Tucker, The Velvet Underground drummer, then ‘Mo’ Mowlam. But it didn’t work so we thought ‘Let’s not try and form the best band in the world, let’s try and become the best band in the world’, and here we are sitting at the top of the pile today,” kids Charlie.
Joke they may but give last single ‘Slow Kids’ a spin and it’s just downright hard not to skip and jig to its disco-laden magnetism whilst yelping ‘Single of the year!’ Re-releases generally suck but this is a song that just desires to be No. 1. “We couldn’t imagine not trying to make pop music,” admits Rory, before Charlie adds, “We don’t set out to alienate anyone. We don’t wanna push people away.”
Gaze under the ‘Influences’ sector of their Myspace page and you’ll see only the line, ‘Pop Music 1955-2008’. Erm, any specifics? “Chuck Berry, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Velvet Underground, Talking Heads, Orange Juice, Gang Of Four, Blur, Blur… BLUR,” they roar like Power Rangers morphing into action. Rory tells, “Five minutes before going onstage at Underage (Festival) they played ‘There’s No Other Way’, and it couldn’t have been more perfect. We all just looked at each other and knew.”
“We always try and stay out of scenes cause their well shit. Every one ends up so tangled in their own scene,” states Rory, sitting up and looking all intent. Yet luckily for he and his band it’s almost fair to say there’s few others out there right now riding that similar of a wave. “Because I wear glasses normally people say ‘Ah, Young Knives’,” Charlie makes known. Still, this lot’s brand of guitar-fiddly breakdowns and powerpopping vitality oomph’s up where said-Knives debatably doesn’t. Live favourite ‘Secret Agent Girl’ changes pace more than Joe Lean does his mind, while sure-fire future single ‘I’ve Grown Quite Fond Of You’ plays on infectious Television-like harmonies.
“When we first started we felt super-under pressure. You’d have people saying ‘Oh, so-and-so’s here to see you, so-and-so’s here to see you’. But we’ve kind of managed to get over that now,” declares Rory, who just a few hours later is full of zip dashing about Koko’s stage, plainly ready for the next level. And a much-anticipated tour this month sees them stop off practically everywhere around the nation. “You see us at the end of that tour,” warns Charlie, “We won’t even be speaking. We’re just sync each other’s minds!”
Cheeky Cheeky and the Nosebleeds may be hard to take seriously but there is one thing absolute about this lot: They’ve got the tunes to go a whole lot further than most.

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