Thursday, September 18


Ryan Jarman doesn't have a Wikipedia page for nothing. Not only does he find the time to make ultra fine Cribs records, engage indie girls from Harrow named Kate Nash, and convince that former-Smiths legend joining his band is the best thing he can do to make sense of his ludicrously tight Levis. But now Jarman is a producer and all. At least for Pavilion, his buddies from Wakefield. Considering the man's comments at last year's Glastonbury - "The mainstream attitude of indie bands today is a bigger problem than global warming" - Pavilion sound little like The Cribs, and more like most mainstream indie bands today. 'Spoils Of War' anyway, ruffles its feathers through a big, epic almost Editors landscape, finger-picking Modest Mouse (Marr's other band) strings but without all the screeching. It's brave for a first tune, but that's probably exactly the kind of attitude Jarman years for in the big bands of now. And these could be one.

Spoils Of War

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