Thursday, September 4

Tilly And The Wall

Some bands seem like they've been around for ages. The name 'Tilly And The Wall' has been floating about for a good few years, by way of a couple of records that attained 'critical acclaim' but never high-strung hype. Then comes 'Beat Control', a disco-burdened nugget CSS could only wish their second album was as good as, and one of this year's finest singles. It's nice when bands who seem like they've been around for ages journey you to their Myspace page, make you listen to their hit tune while scouring for UK dates, and sit and wonder at what exactly their back-cat has to offer too. 'O' is their new album, out on Moshi Moshi very, very soon, and features the title 'Tilly And The Wall' squashed into a circle representing an 'O' on the cover. Simple but mightily impressive. Oh, and they use a tap dancer instead of a drummer. A tap dancer instead of a drummer! Right, that's it, where's their merch store?

Tilly And The Wall Myspace