Thursday, October 30

The Death Set

You know those bands that gather hype and more hype all year until it kinda stops and you wonder, 'Hmm, what hapenned there?'. Well, The Death Set are just one of those lots, though it was only a few weeks ago when I opted to lend em my ears. And it wasn't even by choice, it was during my usual routine of watching/fast-forwarding 120 Minutes until something 'good' came on. So 'Negative Thinking' did, and I was like well impressed. Right there and then the Artrocker front cover was justified. It's an agreeable bit of never-annoying tuneage that marries all kinds of Korg keys and recurring techno talk and relentless drum pounds and rumbling vocals, all of which ends up like the indie equivalent to the iPhone or something. Jeez that makes no sense, but then neither does the hype-pause of this lot.

Negative Thinking

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