Monday, October 20

Eastern Conference Champions

American TV sitcoms are not just the basis of powerful, hilarious and moving scripts that sometimes just can't help but embarrass the rest of the world at trying to write great telly. Well, some of em anyway. They too hold a purpose to showcase some of our planet's finest musical thespians. The OC told me about Patrick Park, Friends told me about Interpol, Dawson's Creek told me about Alanis... well, we won't go there. And now thanks to NBC's wonderfully written Life, starring Damien Lewis as a detective which is coming to ITV3 later this year but I've been watching it for over a year cause I'm cool and hip, I discovered Eastern Conference Champions. Philadelphia's ECC are a tad above your average big, brooding indie rock that just slips in the right side of The Script, with the likes of Coldplay, Editors and White Lies for company. Wrap your ears around killer tune 'The Box'. Then go watch Life from the first ep. Two great tips. One great blog.

The Box

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