Thursday, October 2

Forever The Sickest Kids

In hip-hop speak, 'Sickest' means 'the best ever', 'cool' or 'awesome'. This makes total sense when you take Dallas powerpop-punk troupe Forever The Sickest Kids into account. All six members chanced upon another at high school and college, and in 2006 FTSK was hatched. Simple story, but if there Wikipedia page is anything to go by, this is a better on; Front man Jonathan Cook got so excited at the promise of his new band that he spent about £180 on a front page song placement on PureVolume, even though they were yet to record a single note. But rather than backfire at the band like Juande Ramos and his Top 4-cracking plan, this meant they were imposed to head into a studio and make 'Hey Brittany', which was so darn special major labels were turned on over em. Universal Motown won, and three EPs later, the debut record, 'Underdog Alma Meter', hit the Billboards like Giovanni smacked his past Arsenal. Well, it went in at No. 45. But after laying my own ears around its glossy Get Up Kids-take'd alt.punk shine, I've got a strange suspicion that sometime next year it'll be re-released to a much wider appeal, blasting them off into Fall Out Boy territory. They really are that good.

Whoa Oh! (Me Vs Everyone)

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