Monday, October 13


When The Automatic very first rolled up onto the 'scene', I, like most people, thought much of them. There was nay snobbery, just pure downright indie durability. Then 'Monster' happened. Like an England second half at Wembley, it all went a tad loco. It wasn't at all their gain in eminence, but just how nettlesome the song had become. It was almost unlistenable. Same kinda thing could well happen to Hockey. Right now I cannot dig 'Song Away' enough. It's total pop gold, spread like Team Waterpolo sprawling in the sweetest jam possible with only Lizzie McGuire when she's at her least annoying for company. But there's that slight feeling that in the midst of what will no doubt be total hysteria once they reach our shores from Portland come December, it'll go a bit, well, Automatic. Until then though, they're ours.

Song Away

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