Thursday, October 16


It took me ages to Google these after I caped my ears all around em on 120 Minutes the other evening. Not because they're so little-known you have to stalk though hundreds of results to find their Myspace page, but because I televisually noted their band name wrong. They're not Lo-Fi-Funk, Finland's jazz-heavy posse who outside of their country are known as trekkies, but Lo-Fi-Fnk, Sweden's disco house Moshi Moshi-tagged masters. 'Change Channel' would be a taxing listen if it wasn't for this constant glam of a sweet key bar barging into the tune at what seems like the most appropriate of times. Jeez, what is happening to me? First DJ Mujava, now Lo-Fi-Fnk. I've been bitten by the nu-house bug and I'm lovin' it!

Change Channel

Lo-Fi-Fnk Myspace