Monday, October 27

Middle Class Rut

Some bands don't know how to bonus from the hype they garner. Middle Class Rut may not be blessed with a Wikipedia page yet, and one of em may look like one of em from Iglu & Hartly, but they sure as hell know how to book a gig in London town. Or at least their people do. Come November MCR (no, not that MCR!) will be hitting five whole venues across the UK's capital, shooting their load of candy-coated meaty straight-up rock all over the city. They've spent their careers driving vans over the flatlands of USA, but now - and I quote from their Myspace blog - they're "Looking forward to a change of scenery, culture and backwards running toilet water. I used to be a big Dr. Who fan (circa late 80s) so gettin in one of them phone booths is on my list of things to do." There's actually two of them, which once you cloak your ears around new single and the reason I'm writing this post, 'Busy Bein' Born', comes as a stupefaction. You'll be as excited as they are.

Busy Bein' Born

Middle Class Rut Myspace