Wednesday, October 1

September - Album Of Last Month

Glasvegas - Glasvegas - Columbia

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but for about fifteen minutes in late June this year I was holed up in a radio studio with the four members of Glasvegas. All year I'd heard nonstop superlatives slapping them as 'The most exciting British prospect since the Arctic Monkeys', or 'The most important debut record since 'Definitely Maybe', not forgetting 'The best band to come out of Scotland. Ever.' It seemed that hype hadn't got so heated since Turner and co blasted off three years ago. Then it happened. The moment in which I too jumped on the bandwagon of hysteria to claim Glasvegas as something a little more than just special. It came after the band played 'Daddy's Gone', and band leader James Allan trodded over to the corner of the studio, held his head in his hands, and took a few moments to clear his head before he could take off again. The effect the words had on him, the passion that evoked from his voice afterward, and just the shear tenacity of emotion songs like that can have - it was all so mesmerising. There's not one or two highlights from 'Glasvegas'. The whole thing is spectacular.

The whole thing!

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