Monday, November 24

Angus & Julia Stone

Brother-sister duos. Hmm. What's that? The White Stripes? Ah jeez, they are like so 2004. Get over it! And come take a look at Angus & Julia Stone, who... erm, er, sound a, erm, a bit like, er, erm, Jack and Meg White from that old American band. Only like Angus and Julia use acoustic guitars, whereas, erm, from what I remember, er, oh, Jack and Meg, I can't actually remember there band name, erm, don't. A&JS are from Newport, no not that Newport OC Newport! But Newport in Sydney. In Australia. Like the whole other part of the world. Excuse the fact they toured with Newton Faulkner, well, try to anyway. And DL em up below. They're good. Probably the best brother-sister due since, erm, what are they called again?

Mango Tree

Angus & Julia Stone Myspace