Thursday, November 13


In my opinion, Boston were never as legendary as their artwork suggested. Neither are Ween for that matter. But Grammatics, the Melodramatic Popular Song four-piece from Leeds, just may be. First, the artwork; Previous discography has featured an empty gig venue (always awesome since Foos' video for 'One By One'), an cool-looking old fireplace from like the 1800s, and a double bass situated next to a tall lamp. This may sound dull, but head to their Myspace at the bottom link and see for yourself how cool it all looks. Even their T-shirts have got it going on, hell even their Myspace layout looks all sweet and tidy. And, as I typed a few lines ago, they've only got the tunes to match it and all. 'New Franchise' is I Was A Cub Scout feasted to Alfred Hitchcock prior to metamorphosing into Bloc-type lushness. It's really good. They're artwork's really good. Grammatics are really good.

New Franchise

Grammatics Myspace