Thursday, November 6

Matt Pond PA

Considering they just voted in their first black president in what was one of the most significant days in global history (like, since Dinosaurs or something), I forced it upon myself to base Shout And Twist's next focus on an American artist. Which, considering it's total outpour of top notch music for decades (like, since Sinatra or something), really wasn't that hard. Matt Pond PA are from Philadelphia, aka The City of Brotherly Love, and have been gracing their presence upon the surface of Planet Earth since '98. That may explain his (the singer's called Matt Pond, his band are the PA bit. I'm guessing the latter.) total love of covering Oasis, or at least that one song they acclimatised themselves to for The OC. That was when I first heard of him, or them, or whatever, but then last week whilst gazing upon (too much 'upon'?) E4's repeats of season two, I detected another track which must have passed me by during it's original airing. 'New Hampshire' is simply gorgeous, all saccharine acoustic strings and Death Cab-subtle choruses. Almost as if it's fell off The Photo Album and Gibbard was too busy being stun by deadly scorpions to notice. Download. Listen. Buy!

New Hampshire (If Matt Pond PA's people don't like be putting the song available to download please can you just email me, rather than get Google to take down my entire post, à la Red Light Company last week. Thank you!)

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