Saturday, November 1

October - Album Of Last Month

Eugene McGuinness 'Eugene McGuinness' (Domino)
In all honesty, I was a tad disappointed with this. Long before Shout And Twist launched itself upon the interweb with a post singing the praises of Eugene McGuinness Super Talent, I'd been anticipating this very album. Last year's EP 'The Early Learnings...' was one of 2007's finest fabrications, pretty much defining the sweet spirit of Xmas by way of sumptuous chimes and majestical wonders of a city I know all too well. The album though, 'Eugene McGuinness', doesn't quite define winter 08. Yeah, said-sumptuous chimes and majestical wonders are there, but I can't help wonder where the pop delicacies of 'A Girl Whom My Eyes Shine For But My Shoes Run From' and 'Bold Street' have gone, besides the witty Hollywood ending to 'A Girl Whom...'. So why is it Album Of Last Month? Two reasons. Firstly the latest efforts from both Kaiser Chiefs and Snow Patrol were somewhat dissatisfying, though The Cure's was a pleasant surprise. Secondly, it's still pretty darn brilliant. The glacé-stringed wackiness all at the foot of a voice so timeless it borders Ella Fitzgerald in the company of a pissed up Zach Condon works effortlessly in 'Nightshift', 'Disneyfied' and 'Fonz'. The Sparklehorse-type illusions within 'Knock Down Ginger' interlaced with an all-the-more twisted Jeffrey Lewis does too. It's almost perfect anyway.

Knock Down Ginger