Monday, November 3

Red Light Company (Again)

Back in August I blog'd about London five-piece Red Light Company, suggesting there's more of a chance Hull City will survive this season's Premier League relegation tussle than RLC releasing "a few actually interesting, angular pop tunes". Now, after witnessing the Yorkshire football club's tiresome performance against my own beloved team at the weekend, I, erm, regret what I said, and would now be surprised if they aren't playing in the world's best league next season. However, it's too become apparent that Red Light Company, the band I bundled in with "One Night Only's false-indie", aren't half-bad either. 'Scheme Eugene', their newest release, is both 'interesting' and 'angular', sounding like Isaac Brock from Modest Mouse beating on each of The Envy Corps. So, to clarify, Hull City will be playing Premiership football next season, and RLC are pretty darn special.