Monday, December 1

November - Album Of Last Month

The Killers 'Day And Age' (Island)

Now then. When it comes to big bands releasing big third albums within the last twelve months, or even the last two, Kaiser Chiefs' effort was strong but too inconsistent, Razorlight's had nearly as many 'What-the-fuck-was-that?' moments as it did glorious ones, and Bloc Party's,was, well, actually pretty darn superb. Another which has more in common with the strength of Kele and co's is that of The Killers. Forget the ever-disputable/inane line of "Are we human or are we dancer?", 'Day And Age' is one of 2008's most complete records, and possibly Flowers and the gang's very best. 'Losing Touch' is equipped with all the vigor and suspense an opening track should, while we've already been acquainted with the prowess of 'Human' and 'Spaceman'. 'Joy Ride' wanders though a big-but-not-'Mr Brightside'-big side to the Las Vegas quartet, all in the manner of some 80s dance-cheese you don't feel guilty figuring it's fucking awesome. Things sorta pull down for 'Neon Tiger', but all is forgiven for the dreamy bliss straightening up inside 'Goodnight, Travel Well'. If 'Hot Fuss' was a dazzling first impression, and 'Sam's Town' was the sound of them transmogrifying, then 'Day And Age' is The Killers reveling in their own mighty flair and great desires. Brilliant.

Joy Ride