Saturday, December 13

Shout And Twist's Albums Of 2008 - No. 117 to No. 104

117. The Rascals ‘Rascalize’ (Deltasonic) – If it wasn’t for Mr Turner…

116. Adam Green ‘Sixes And Sevens’ (Rough Trade) – Too expansive, otherwise this would work a charm.

115. Lupe Fiasco ‘The Cool’ (Atlantic) – Rappers also need to figure out how to shorten their records.

114. These New Puritans ‘Beat Pyramind’ (Domino) – Again. Less would be more!

113. The Ting Tings ‘We Started Nothing’ (Columbia) – First half discomfiting. Second half hype-justifying.

112. The Breeders 'Mountain Battles' (4AD) - Even though it's short it's a tough listen.

111. R.E.M. ‘Accelerate’ (Warner) – Once again the lead single portrays their genius, but the rest is below-par.

110. Look See Proof ‘Between Here And There’ (Weekender) – Look see more Libertines-spun blah. Catchy blah though.

109. Peter Bjorn & John ‘Seaside Rock’ (Almost Gold) – Where did all the whistling go?

108. Primal Scream ‘Beautiful Future’ (Atlantic) – They get better with age but they’ve still not hit their peak.

107. The Subways ‘All Or Nothing’ (Infectious) – Second Album Syndrome bit these in the butt.

106. Foxboro Hottubs ‘Stop Drop And Roll’ (Jingle Town) – Bring. Back. Green. Day.

105. Wild Beasts ‘Limbo, Panto’ (Domino) – Overrated Band Of Horses-types that dare touch the latter’s class.

104. Metallica ‘Death Magnetic’ (Warner) – Decent return but little dynamism on show.