Thursday, December 25

Shout And Twist's Albums Of 2008 - No. 39 to No. 26

39. Kanye West '808s And Heartbreak' (Roc-A-Fella) - That robotic voice thing gets annoying after time but still some solid tracks here.

38. Los Campesinos! ‘We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed’ (Wichita) – This! Is! Even! More! Awesome!

37. William ‘Self In Fiction’ (Tough Love) – Very strong pop-squeezing debut from saath London’s punkiest trio.

36. The Futureheads ‘This Is Not The World’ (Nul) – Reputation restored.

35. We Are Scientists ‘Brain Thrust Mastery’ (Virgin) – Again I think their music is as good as they are funny.

34. The Music ‘Strength In Numbers’ (EMI) – Before they were ahead, now their equals.

33. Mystery Jets ‘Twenty One’ (679) – Very strong second album which led them to mainstream success.

32. Kings Of Leon ‘Only By The Night’ (Columbia) – The big riffs and attitue is there, but it’s not perfect.

31. Santogold ‘Santogold’ (Atlantic) – If this has been the year of the indie diva, this one’s the queen.

30. Little Joy ‘Little Joy’ (Rough Trade) – This keeps you warm in the wait for The Strokes fourth effort.

29. The Academy Is… ‘Fast Times At Barrington High’ (Atlantic) – One of pop-punk’s most underrated.

28. Nada Surf ‘Lucky’ (Barsuk) – Addictive, happy and great.

27. Feeder ‘Silent Cry’ (Echo) – If this was their first, rather than their sixth, this would’ve been given more focus.

26. The Stills ‘Oceans Will Rise’ (Arts & Crafts) – Why don’t they promote anymore?

26. The Kooks ‘Konk’ (EMI) – Now they have the songs to match the stadiums.