Tuesday, December 23

Shout And Twist's Albums Of 2008 - No. 52 to No. 40

52. Kaiser Chiefs ‘Off With Their Heads’ (B-Unique) – Treads on new ground but just a tad inconsistent.

51. The Pigeon Detectives ‘Emergency’ (Dance To The Radio) – They have an ear for the ol’ great catchy hook but it aint always obvious.

49. Late Of The Pier ‘Fantasy Black Channel’ (Parlophone) – And the future of music is saved. Daringly awesome.

48. Tokyo Police Club ‘Elephant Shell’ (Memphis Industries) – Another band who chucked all their best work on the before EP.

47. Oasis ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ (Big Brother) – If Noel G didn’t leave the last half of this record to the others this would be way higher.

46. Those Dancing Days ‘In Our Space Hero Suits’ (Wichita) – Likeable Scando-pop that only few do better.

45. M83 ‘Too Late’ (Mute) – Not just one good album, but two.

44. Los Campesinos! ‘Hold On Now, Youngster’ (Wichita) – This! Is! Awesome!

43. I Was A Cub Scout ‘I Want You To Know That There Is Always Hope’ (Abeano XL) – Shame these two split, but at least we’ve got this.

42. Scarlett Johansson ‘Anywhere I Lay My Head’ (Atco/Rhino) – Not just a pretty face and a Hollywood superstar, but now an indie queen.

41. Crystal Castles ‘Crystal Castles’ (Last Gang) – Live this aint for the sensitive but on your stereo you should be safe.

40. Eugene McGuinness ‘Eugene McGuiness’ (Domino) – Missing the EP’s wondrous charm but it’s still pretty darn brilliant.