Wednesday, December 17

Shout And Twist's Albums Of 2008 - No. 91 to No. 79

91. Funeral For A Friend ‘Memory And Humanity’ (Join Us) – Does anybody actually care anymore?

90. Mogwai ‘The Hawk Is Howling’ (Wall Of Sound) – Decent comeback record from Scotland’s post-rock posse.

89. White Denim ‘Workout Holiday’ (Full Time Hobby) – Alright but it’s a bit self-indulgent at times.

88. The Streets ‘Everything Is Borrowed’ (The Beats) – Not a bad record but Skinner’s genius goes missing at points.

87. Cage The Elephant ‘Cage The Elephant’ (Relentless) – Promising debut from a band who’ll be big. Very big.

86. The Raconteurs ‘Consolers Of The Lonely’ (XL) – Surprised by the good quality of this record as much as the release.

85. The Wave Pictures ‘Instant Coffee Baby’ (Moshi Moshi) – Good effort if a little dry at points.

84. James Yuill ‘Turning Down Water For Air’ (Moshi Moshi) – Almost too lo-fi, not enough chutzpah.

83. Adele ‘19’ (XL) – Some amazing moments on here, just not everyone happens to be.

82. Dirty Pretty Things ‘Romance At Short Notice’ (Rough Trade) – Surprisingly good second album. Still, we’re better off without em.

81. Tilly & The Wall ‘O’ (Moshi Moshi) – ‘Beat Control’ is ace, but album’s a little too samey.

80. Hot Club De Paris ‘Live At Dead Lake’ (Moshi Moshi) – Almost too much going on to be gripping.

79. XX Teens ‘Welcome To Goon Island’ (Mute) – Weird, strange and bizarre. And pretty darn good too!