Monday, December 8

Two Thousand And Eight

And so yet a further twelve months pass by busy-bodied with heartbreaking band splits, horribly packaged 'indie' fellowships looting the limelight from Death Cab, and a damned sorry record from The Automatic. Ah jeezabloodyloo. Just why do we put ourselves through such a trying musical game of hopelessness and aggravation? Because it's the best darn thing since slice bread. That's why.

First up for Shout And Twist's marshal-up of 2008 is the pivotal proclamation of 'Shout And Twist's Favourite Liverpool Band Of The Year':

Wave Machines
Done. On Thursday the rundown for Shout And Twist's Albums Of The Year will commence. And there's a good 131 records to get through, so don't miss it!