Saturday, January 3

Next Big Thing For 2009 #1 - Mumford & Sons

I don’t remember much about the post-Britpop collapse of the early 21st century. Rumours bristle with tales of Ben Stiller starring in Limp Bizkit videos and Billy Corgan attempting a supergroup moniker’d Zwan. Zwan! However, besides all of that was a Soft Rock Revolution. Hello Coldplay. Hello Badly Drawn Boy. Hello Travis. The stupendous electro-fuelled uprising of the last couple of years, with near-perfect albums supplied by Klaxons and MGMT, has too barrelled through escorted by a kind of soft rock, alt.folk coup of its own. I’m talking Noah & The Whale, Laura Marling, Eugene McGuinness. And now, Mumford & Sons. It was a fine, actually-sunny August night in the upstairs of a west London pub when I decided these were my favourite new band. Rousing pop gobbet after the other, M&S have got the goods, thus world domination is only fair.
Best SongWhite Blank Page
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