Monday, January 5

Next Big Thing For 2009 #2 - Wave Machines

These are not only the best band in Liverpool. These are not only the best band known to England’s north-west. These are the best alternative popular music posse in Europe. So, to transmute the sapient script of reality TV ‘star’ Lemar, “If there’s any justice in the world, the debut album by Wave Machines will knock the socks off every living pulse in the sovereign state, lead to numerous sell-out headlining stints at Wembley Stadium, and make the band scrillions upon frillions of pounds”. That ol’ English quirk of keeping your true feelings locked inside one’s head shimmers through the electro-pop gold of ‘Punk Spirit’. The overthrows of gentle Mogwai build within ‘Dead Houses’ to fashion something splendid, miles above anything else you’ll track down on 120 Minutes. Considering almost every one of my favourite ‘renowned’ bands managed to release an album last year, I’m looking forward to Wave Machines’ effort more than any other in 09.
Best SongPunk Spirit
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