Friday, January 9

Next Big Thing For 2009 #4 - Mike Bones

If the year 2008 belonged to any city, it was New York. They fuckin’ owned it, man. The capital of the Western world stood up in the midst of neverending Strokes side-projects, picked up some MGMT, some Vampire Weekend, and some TV On The Radio, and thunder bolted life-affirming musical disciple one after the other unswervingly onto the rest of the planet. And if Mike Bones is anything to go by, or real name Mike Strallow, or even ‘little Mike Bones’ according to his MySpace url, NYC could take 09 to boot and all. I blog’d about ‘What I Have Left’ months ago, but it’s so darn moving, and so darn filled with winsome minutes of classic despondency and pessesism (thus the perfect Dylan-trampled pop song), I just had to have it, or him, as one of my tips for this year. Please New York, keep breeding them superstars.
Best SongWhat I Have Left
Mike Bones Myspace