Sunday, January 11

Next Big Thing For 2009 #5 - House That Jack Built

Of all the copious talents manifesting themselves inside Liverpool’s indie scene at present, there’s definitely a hunch for sugar-jacketed distorted powerpop, much of which casts back to the city’s incessant pizzazz and sassy charm. Elle S’appelle had it but split. goFASTER>> have it, as do Puzzle. But none more so than House That Jack Built, who strike as joyous as their nursery rhyme-thrusted name implies. As well as ‘When Skies Are Grey’ (labelled after an Everton FC fanzine) which I already blog’d about last August, the sweet string-fevered ‘There And Back Again’ is too about as chipper-ful as watching Rafa Benitez pull out an A4 piece of paper to a packed press conference only to do a Kevin Keegan. Go on HTJB, be a big thing.
Best SongWhen Skies Are Grey
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