Thursday, January 1

Our Survey Said...

This exact time twelve months ago I made five ‘Next Big Thing’ predictions, settling on five newfangled bands to wangle themselves some kind of indie success over the year. So, in the words of the rather irksome cheesy DJ/presenter Vernon Kay, ‘Our Survey Said…’

Elle S’appelle – At one point, these were the most exciting band in Liverpool. A single out on Moshi Moshi, hometown gigs every other week, a few plays on Zane, a feature in NME – Only all went tits up when one-third decided studying for some uni degree was more important than pepping up the nation’s souls with downright cheery indie-pop. I’m still not over the split.
Best Song - Monkey Shine

Cajun Dance Party – Another debut album that busted right through my albums of the year, finishing 8th, these had the bustle to match the release, but then kinda mislaid it. Maybe if the band’s press release from earlier last year came true, the one that said ‘Two Albums in 2008’, there’d be less to carp on about. Considering only the one actually made the cut, it does however mean we’re likely to get a new CDP record this year. Yay!
Best Song - Amylase

Pete & The Pirates – Recapitulating what I claimed one year ago, there should be more of a buzz about this lot. The debut, which nabbed 5th place in my albums of the year, was set free to very little solicitude. Blame the label? Nah, that’s how Stolen roll. Blame the music media? Not entirely. Blame the people? Yes, why don’t you care, people? Now if the tweeby genius of ‘Come On Feet’ isn’t enough to coax you, buy it for your uncle, at least.
Best Song - Come On Feet

goFASTER>> - The Wombats’ understudies brought out one or two singles on decent indie label Alcopop last year, and patently built themselves a seemly gig following. Then the guitarist left, though word has it a new line-up’s been marshalled. All in all, it took said-Wombats a good few years to get where they’ve gotten, so judging by that, this posse’s time could still come.
Best Song - Goodtimes

The Xcerts – It’s bizarro that a whole calendar year has gone by since my prognosis these’d get signed up, unleash a fine first album and nick all of Biffy’s post-‘Puzzle’ disciples in the process. Bizarro because we’re pretty much back where we began, nothing’s moved forward, no melodramatic punk-pop record is available for me to fall in love with. But just harking back to things like ‘Just Go Home’, it stills rings rip-roaringly fresh, and thus their hour still very much awaits.
Best Song - Just Go Home

I didn’t wanna make this post too lengthy, so I’m gonna stick up my five tips for this year over the next few days…