Thursday, January 22

Rockin' All Over The World

Please excuse the Status Quo-clamping headline, but for this jowl-dropping mural, I think it's entirely justified. I mean, is this not the phattest musical earth you've ever seen? I wonder what it sounds like. Probably a touch similar to the new Franz record; good in points, 'what-the-fuck' moments in others.
Hmm. So I fished around (searched iTunes) for the best song with the word 'World' in its title? Idlewild's killer 'You Held The World In Your Arms', Modest Mouse's spectacular 'World At Large' and The Strokes' dazzling 'Ize Of The World' all emerged. All world class numbers. But I've moved for 'Watch The World', an album track from the shortly-existed Box Car Racer. Tom DeLonge's yowly harmonies divide some. I fucking love it.

Box Car Racer 'Watch The World'