Tuesday, January 27

Where Is Home?

I'm hung up on using Bloc Party song titles for headlines at the mo, but for this post, I just couldn't recall anything more fitting. See, while carrying out my fortnightly ritual of fast-forwarding through 120 Minutes until something intriguing clutches my ear, I tracked down FM Belfast, some indie-electro swarm from Iceland, not Belfast. And that go me thinking, about bands named after locations they're not actually from.

I mused over Newcastle six-piece Detroit Social Club, underachieving Ontario rockers Tokyo Police Club, Sante Fe-native Zach Condon's Beirut project, and Warsaw, who later became the one and only Joy Division. Actually, there's a whole inventory of them here, from Deletionpedia, built from pages Wikipedia has deleted (a darn-fine invention in itself).

But until Condon gets off his ass to release an actual proper verified new album (not this double EP thingy made to trick us!), then FM Belfast are my favourite Band Named After Place Who Aren't From Said-Place band. Just take note of 'Underwear', the best synth-piled pop tune of 08 I was never apprised of. I am now. Thank fuck for that.

FM Belfast 'Underwear'