Sunday, March 1

Album Of Last Month

Emmy The Great ‘First Love’ (Absolute)

I’m not even that into this album. It’s good and all, but February has been a pretty dry release month. Empire Of The Sun may be swiftly reaping MGMT-type-a-hype, but there’s just as much fluff on their debut as there is gold. Same goes for the new ones from Lily, Morrissey, and The Joy Formidable. So, the nearest thing we have to a dependably solid album comes by way of ‘First Love’, Emmy The Great’s first endeavour out into the charming realm of alt.folk. She details the use of substituting loneliness with the missions of Jack Bauer in ‘24’, the confusion over the right way to enunciate MIA’s (or M.I.A.’s) name in ‘MIA’, and there’re real actual proper momentous lines like “Here in the world there is nothing more than your absence”. Her hotchpotch of witty allusions to pop culture and deep poetry that spins your head comes off as it should, but lacks Marling’s class and at points could do with the captivating melodies of Noah & the Whale to boot. I could put it down to young naivety, and say the second one will no doubt be more mature, hopefully better. But that’d be too obvious.

Best Song – Yeah, erm, here's the thing, my computer with all my music on it is in the hospital being repaired, so this month's AOLM has no mp3 to DL. Apologies!
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