Tuesday, March 17


It doesn't matter how deep one's affection is to one's dearest, dearest songs, it's perfectly human to get a bit, well, fed up with them now and again. Leafing through my iTunes Most Played list, it took 99 hits of Coldplay's 'Violet Hill' for me to get sick of it. 87 for Death Cab's 'Tiny Vessels'. And 59 for The Strokes 'You Only Live Once'. Every tune has its trying-point.

Every but one, that is. See, I've heard this particular track well over a hundred times. Radio-play, video-play, my own original obsession when the album came out, Kings Of Leon's 'Use Somebody' has placed itself all over the map. Yet I'm still not sick of it. 'Sex On Fire' left me cold after about 30-odd listens, but I'm yet to freeze up with 'Use Somebody'. I really don't know what it is, maybe that hulking rapture of seemingly subtle, blockbuster guitars. Maybe Caleb's silvery vocals. I'm pretty sure it's the only song that has had this kind of effect on me. I just love it.

And just as I expected all my users to own that Dylan song I wrote of yesterday, I demand the same with Kings Of Leon's 'Only By The Night'. Who doesn't have that record? So, in an extremely isolated incident earlier today I actually watched a YouTube users' acoustic cover of the song. And it aint even half-bad. I've put it up for you to download below, and in case you're a little suspicious, check the video first...

Some YouTube User 'Use Sombody (acoustic cover)'