Wednesday, April 1

Album Of Last Month

Yeah Yeah Yeahs 'It's Blitz!' (Interscope)

The trouble with writing up my Album Of Last Month is that it's difficult to say something about the record that hasn't already been said. Everyone likes this album. Everyone. And it truly is a return to form for the NY trio. When MGMT and Vampire Weekend pull out a flag to fly for their fine, fine city, YYYs go on and release something like this to embarrass us all. No guitar, just one dance-laden synth-flooded choon after the other. 'Zero', 'Soft Shock', 'Skeletons', 'Runaway', 'Little Shadow', 'Heads Will Roll' - all complete and utter gold. Come the end of the year and if this isn't in my Top 10 albums than it was one incredible year for music.