Friday, May 1

Album Of Last Month

Manchester Orchestra 'Mean Everything To Nothing' (Canvasback)
Music and football rarely fraternise. Sure, there's New Order's only ever No. 1 single - the one that has its thunder mostly stolen by the dexterity of John Barnes. There's the fact that Noel G pines for Man City only decides to escort his kid to Arsenal every other week. And Robbie Williams is, of course, the majority share-holder in Port Vale. But sometimes, just sometimes, the pilgrimage of an album can be likened to that of a football match. Last Saturday, Manchester United were two-nil down at half-time to Tottenham - 45 minutes later and the world champions were celebrating a 5-2 victory. This album, technically Manchester Orchestra's third, is pretty much asleep for the first few tracks. No decent hooks, overly drawn-out blathering, zany drips and drabs that make little sense. Then, like they've just been on the end of some stentorian time-out verbal hiding, they're outta the traps with deep-fried alt.pop anthem after sweett n' delicate beauteous ballad after hip-bopping crowd-splicing ditty. Sure, it might be more 'economical' to grab the whole thing off iTunes for £7.99, but pick out the last seven for £5.53 and you're looking at way better value.

Best Song
'I Can Feel A Hot One'