Sunday, May 17

So, You Get You're Chance Again

I hate over-produced band websites. You know the ones, where it takes about ten minutes of some irksome intro you can't even skip before you even see anything that remotely resembles news or tour dates or a bio, all this whilst being shouted at by their latest single without a mute or volume button in sight, before all these flashy, sparkly images hidden as links constantly start moving about. 1) If you're unsigned or on an indie there's no way you should be having an official website anyway, just stick with your MySpace. And 2) For those on a major, even if you have no choice whether your management pay some spicky web design team thousands of pounds to make you one, at least make sure it looks sensible. Heck, even Coldplay's looks sensible.

I don't know who London Blackmarket are on. I only just heard of them a couple days back. But I will however let their snazzy site be exempt from my rules. Why? Because 1) It's not that bad. And 2) They made a song called 'Checkmate' and it's really, really good.

No, you can't download it here. Go to their MySpace and listen to it. *Being metaphorically pushed into corner by scary industry who took down original post*