Monday, May 25

Why Death Cab For Cutie Are The Third Best Band In The World

Whether wallowing in the screaming sun on Santa Monica beach or ducking down amid Hamas rockets in the Mid East, Ben Gibbard's palliative larynx make me feel safer than Sir Alex Ferguson does renewing his managerial contract. I've been on a major Death Cab-bender these last few days. In fact, 'The Photo Album' has almost overtaken 'Transatlanticism' as my favourite LP of their's. Heck, as if that could actually ever happen, right?

But rather than pull off some 5000-word essay on why the Seattle geniuses are indeed my third favourite band ever ever ever, instead I've displayed a rather splendid array of ditties that simply speak for themselves. DL em all up below...

'Army Cops Of Architects' (from You Can Play These Songs With Chords)
'Sleep Spent' (from Something About Airplanes)
'405' (from We Have The Facts And We're Voting Yes)
'Styrofoam Plates' (from The Photo Album)
'A Lack Of Color' (from Transatlanticism)
'What Sarah Said' (from Plans)
'Your New Twin Sized Bed' (from Narrow Stairs)