Tuesday, June 30

Sleep Now In The Winter

I probably first heard of Wintersleep a couple years back, but just never paid much attention to their existence. Then Zane played one of their tracks a couple months ago, and again, nothing about it karate chopped my mind or anything. And then Edith - who FYI grates on me like an uncomfortable ulcer - played the same song about two weeks back, however again it never got hold of my breath. But last week, rather dumbfounded at how quickly I grew bored of La Roux's prominent debut, I decided to search their name on Spotify.

Which was weird. Cause like I say, they weren't forefronting my mind by any means. So I decided listen to their latest album, 'Welcome to the Night Sky', in full. And fuck me. I am not convinced by the holy trinity but I cannot help but think I was meant to listen to that record. Like, I can't imagine my life without it. It's so good. Sure there are a few frail minutes or so, but generally, it's bloody awesome. My favourite track 'Dead Letter & The Infinite Yes' (below) is one of the best things I've heard all year.

Not even Edith Bowman can stop me loving Wintersleep.

Wintersleep 'Dead Letter & The Infinite Yes'