Sunday, June 14

The Top 5 Seinfeld Scenes Ever

Picking out my favourite Seinfeld episode is like coercing Angelina Jolie to choose her next toddler. Well-nigh impossible. What I have done though, purely outta the goodness of gosh-darn fun, is settle on the very best scenes - those all-important moments of utter genius that merely stand for the greatest of the great.

5. "Shut up and pack!" - Though this clip is taken only from the show's second season, I think it's Julia Lewis Dreyfus's best ever moment. Her outright anger and zeal to rid away her boyfriend just beams through her sheer tireless doggedness. All she yens for is to get him out of her life, and by throwing absolutely everything into it, it mirrors the out-and-out strength yet instability of the wonderful Elaine Benes.

4. "Shut up you old bag!" - See, as one from a certain ethnological background, the significance held on certain edible delights from a certain bakery is pretty darn high. All of which shimmers though this ep - as Schnitzer's marble rye - like the best thing since sliced bread. The whole Costanzas-Rosses intrigue is categorical brilliance, though for me, Jerry himself stole it all with this little ditty. Just look at him sprint!

3. "Tippy-toe, lemen tree!" - Only a downright neurotic, twitchy, phobic gent would actually go to the trouble of changing another's answer machine tape - after leaving a series of as-maladjusted phone messages, of course. Right outta the mind of Larry David and straight into the measures of George, it means everything this show is about. That over-analysis in Jerry and George's planning, the psychopathy that led to it all in the first place. Exquisite.

2. "You just need a nose job." - Kramer, Kramer, Kramer. Much like the above exemplifies the series, this scene conveys all of which Cosmo is about. That lack of sensitivity for humans juxtaposed with a care others'd be lucky to possess, "You're as pretty as any of them," he comforts George's girlfriend re NYC's prettiest of ladies, "You just need a nose job". So perfect, so funny it hurts.

1. "I'm not even gonna ask you." - And this is my all-time favourite Seinfeld scene. Georgey Boy being my favourite character and all, maybe it's not as desired as those few above, but it represents his dementia like no-other. Best. Scene. Ever.